Partner with Us to Share the Gospel on College Campuses and City to City!
Ken preaching at the University of Missouri -Columbia
We Desire to Share the Gospel from City to City, Campus to Campus!
Hello! My Name Is Ken, and I am an Evangelist preaching the Gospel to Students on College Campuses across America.

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Jesus said, "Go into all the World and Make Disciples of ALL Nations" (Matthew 28)
Why Help Us Share the Gospel on College Campus and Cities Across America...
After God Saved Me, He Gave me a passion to Share the Gospel with everyone around me. Since then, He has given me a burden for a Generation of College Students that need the Gospel more than ever, in every city and every campus!
What We Are Passionate For:
  • We Love the Word of God: The Holy Bible is the Word of Almighty God and Changes lives.
  • We Love the Gospel: The Gospel has changed our lives. It is the Power of God unto Salvation.
  • We Love Jesus: His mission was to seek and save the Lost and make Disciples.
  •  We Love the Local Church: We want to help people find Fellowship in Biblical Churches.
The JESUS 2020 Campaign 
The theme for this new year is "JESUS 2020" – In the midst of Campaign season to elect political leaders, Jesus is the only hope and cure to this Nation’s problems!

I will be spreading this message on College Campuses this Fall, preaching that Jesus is KING OF KINGS and Lord of Lords. We would love your Support for Our Campaign! #Jesus2020  
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I have written some articles on some important topics that college students care about from Evolution is a Lie, to the Judge Not Myth, to Sex before marriage. 

Hopefully we can continue the conversation on the Blog and I hope to hear from you to answer any questions about The Bible, Jesus and life as a Christian. #TCNJ
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